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Sergeant Brown Davidson County Police Recorded Calls

Originally the reason I never returned to Nashville is, when you have such deep and wanton corruption within the judiciary, it is theccorrupt police you have to worry about. Somehow I managed to catch an “aggravated stalking” warrant, which is a felony, sometime between April and May of 2018. The funny thing is, the last […]

Judge Frank Clement WORKED for Plaintiff DOUG FISHER at his LAW FIRM

Tennessee Appellate Judge Frank Clement’s Father , Also Frank Clement, was GOVERNOR of the State of Tennessee. The plaintiff in this case, Douglas Fisher, was executive counsel to Governor Frank Clement from 1954-1958. Prior to that, for the 1952 Governors’s race in Tennessee, Doug Fisher was Bonnyman and ClementFrank Clement’s Press Secretary. Many years later, […]


THESE GUYS ARE HILARIOUS….. Tennessee Appellate Court Clerk Jim Hivner Opening My Emails ( Tell me this man isn’t freaking the fuck out!) Corrupt is an understatement. KITTY MARTIN (Another Tennessee Appellate Clerk) How can these people say with a straight face I did not request my record? LOL . Id laugh if it wasn’t […]


I filed a motion to recuse against Tennessee Court of AppealsĀ  Judge Frank Clement. I had done my homework and found this article: JUDGE FRANK CLEMENT SINGS DOUGLAS FISHER’S PRAISES (The link online has since been taken down unsurprisingly, thank goodness for screenshots). Here is Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Frank Clement’s Recusal Letter : […]

> Even Douglas Fisher acknowledged the Jury Demand! Claudia Bonnyman is CORRUPT AS HELL!

Even plaintiffs counsel, Bill Jakes and Douglas Fisher, acknowledged my JURY DEMAND within my CounterClaim. This is what happens when less than intelligent people collude to defraud someone. Many, many slip ups occur. Corrupt Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman, Ignored my counterclaim and both of my jury demands, because she never even read any of my motions. […]