CHANCELLOR CLAUDIA BONNYMAN OF THE CHANCERY COURY OF DAVIDSON COUNTY IS CORRUPT AS HELL. I built this website to get the word out and make sure that as few people as possible remain ignorant to this fact and prevent further innocent people from being injured as I was. I am strong, smart, and capable. I caught these bastards and their racket. I am doing this for those who may not be as capable and who may need the information contained in this site to help them one day. I am sad to think how many innocent people fell victim to these crooks, their scams, and their racket over the years.

Between 2016 and 2018, Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman of the Chancery Court of Davidson County in  Nashville, Tennessee,  colluded with her long time friend, Attorney Douglas Fisher, of the Howell and Fisher law firm,  to mislead, injure, and ultimately defraud me. In my personal experience, Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman lied, cheated, misled, deceived, colluded, broke the law, and obstructed justice… knowingly, maliciously, and intentionally. Claudia Bonnyman committed a CRIME. Based on my experience, her and her comrades, William “Bill” Jakes and Douglas M. Fisher  of the Howell & Fisher , PLLC have been in and around the Tennessee judiciary and legal field a long, long, longggg time. Based on my experience, she is NOT above cronyism, giving her friends “special treatment”, and misapplying the law at her will, to further her goals and those of her friends.  In my case, Bonnyman allowed her friend, attorney Douglas Fisher of Franklin, Tennessee to state a BOGUS claim in order to pull me into a two year lawsuit. I believe this was driven mostly by Bonnyman’s personal EGO and Fisher’s personal GREED. With Bonnyman’s assistance, Douglas Fisher was able to use the theater of court as a distraction, to harass me, to engage in unlawful and abusive discovery (searching through my personal bank accounts), and as a tool to injure me for sport and personal gain.  Claudia Bonnyman, William “Bill” Jakes, and Douglas Fisher’s shared goals were to make money AND personally extort additional monies from me  in the form of BOGUS sanctions and damages (liberally and illegally provided by Bonnyman), which NO ONE was legally entitled to. Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman, Douglas M. Fisher, and William “Bill” Jakes, were emboldened by a belief that they were somehow ABOVE THE LAW. Bonnyman and Fisher used the court as their personal playground and torture tool,  perversely  dragging me along while stroking their egos and injuring me through a long, drawn out, and expensive lawsuit.  After they were done “having fun with me” their ultimate goal was to illegally defraud me for real money.  Fisher (with Bonnyman’s help) was able to initiate a lawsuit against me,  providing  NO evidence, NO proof of any damage or damages of any kind, and having NO STANDING OR CLAIM WHATSOEVER to bring a suit against me Further,  The Chancery Court of Davidson County Public Record was intentionally made incorrect by both Claudia Bonnyman and her Clerk and Master,  Maria M. Salas in a futile attempt to cover up their evil deeds and illegal acts.  Bonnyman ignored my motions, ignored valid communications with the court. Bonnyman allowed Douglas Fisher to proceed with a case where he had no standing to bring suit. BONNYMAN IGNORED MULTIPLE DEMANDS FOR A TRIAL BY JURY,  and tampered with the final public account of my case.  THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. Eventually, Bonnyman realized I had outed her relationship with Douglas Fisher and the jig was up! Once Bonnyman realized all that I had discovered (JACK WADDEYJACK WADDEY) and that I possessed MASSIVE AMOUNTS of indisputable evidence of corruption, foul play, and special treatment, she moved quickly to do all she could to confuse and misrepresent the record  and ultimately attempt to (quietly) shut my case down. I appealed my case knowing this too would be unsuccessful, to the Tennessee Court of Appeals. How did I know? Because I knew Judge Frank Clement Jr. , son of former Tennessee Governor Frank Clement, would be one of the judges overseeing my appeal. The man who sued me, Attorney Douglas M. Fisher used to work for Governor Frank Clement. The current appellate judge,  Frank Clement Jr. (son of Governor Frank Clement),  in turn, worked for Douglas Fisher at his law firm, Howell & Fisher in Nashville early on in Judge Frank Clement Jr.’s career. I was able to get Judge Frank Clement Jr. to recuse himself, but alas, it was meaningless, as I knew he was still pulling strings behind the scenes to COVER UP for Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman and Attorney Douglas Fisher.

PLEASE take time to review the information contained throughout this site and contact me if you have any questions. I have learned exactly how these people and this court operates.  If you ever happen to appear in front of ANY of these people  for any reason, realize there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that you are NOT GETTING FAIR TREATMENT as these individuals have PROVEN that they are not above CORRUPT ACTS and RAMPANT CRONYISM!


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